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Egypt is definitely the worlds best dive destination. Diving in Egypt offers everything from onshore dive sites to distant Islands, shallow reefs to spectacular vertical drop offs, ancient ship wrecks and yet to be discovered treasures. The sheer number of dive sites is mind boggling . Our list of itineraries will provide you with all kinds of dive adventures for you to choose from. Weather you like ship wrecks, reefs, sharks or a pleasant mix of them all; you will find what you need here.

The marine life in Egypt can only be described as glorious. Egypt has been blessed with an amazing eco system which has shown incredible resilience to the effects of coral bleaching. Also in the early 1990’s an NGO was formed to protect the marine environment from common modern plagues such as over fishing and waste dumping. This organisation, called HEPCA was founded by a small group of concerned divers and has grown into an internationally recognised partner in environmental protection which is accredited to installing the world’s largest ever mooring system.
In terms of accessibility Egypt is easy to get to from anywhere in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and even China due to the abundant scheduled and charter flights.
Hint: For pure ship wreck divers try out the northern routes! For shark lovers, have a look see at our itineraries that include Daedelous Reef!
When: When: M.V Liberty is based in Egypt except for December through to Mid May when we are exploring Djibouti and Sudan



This trip is great for old school Hurghada lovers!
Hurghada is one of the world's most magnificent dive destinations and the Hurghada Mini is probably the best way to experiance it.

"I grew up diving in Hurghada almost ever day. It will always be my favorite dive destination for it's amazing combination of reefs, wrecks and vertical walls and the VAST variety on marine life" ~ Ahmed Adly 2013

the dive sites

This is a magnificent wall on the northern side of Abu Ramada Island appropriately named Abu Ramada North :)

This dive is reserved for highly experienced divers due to it's well known; treacherous currents. Although if dived properly, those currents are used to exciting and wonderful effect giving you a dive you will never forget.

Enjoy poking into small caves and gullies and marvel at the marine life such as giant Napoleons.

This dive site is also an excellent point for advanced Trimix training due to the deep depth and lack of currents after 50 meters.

Small Giftun is an amazing dive site with around 6 great individual dive for recreational divers and also a few technical dives as well including deep canyons, Black Coral forests and amazing tunnels!
Dive depths vary from 6 to 130 meters and at Small Giftun you can find a dive weather you are a seasoned tech diver or still finishing you Open Water Course.

The shallower areas are home to thousands of species of fish and corals and is well known for it's friendly Napoleon Fish and many Moray Eels.
Small Giftun is also an amazing place to spend the night due to the vast enclosure provided my the huge island.


Erg Somaya was named after the wife of the old fabeled Rudi Kneip; who is actually the father of live aboard diving in Egypt.

The dive site is yet another Red Sea wonder with some very ramatic hard coral on a shallow current swept platue while an exciting cave awaits divers at around 28m.

Erg somaya's location on Giftun Island's eastern wall make is an excellent spot for strong currents but also has several "calm spots" which is the main reason for it's amazing ecosystem.

This dive can be done by average divers and is done without the need for our surface support RIBs.

Aquarium Reef is a place where millions of divers have had their dreams come true! A great pride for Hurghada locals and an amazing dive site for everyone who visits.

Aquarium is a shallow 10 - 15 meter dive and can literally be explored for years! Diving close to the reef will guarentee encounters with all the colorful fish you can find in a good book and venturing further off the reef will treat the diver to un-imaginable surprises!

Aquarium Reef has 3 faces! North, East and West :) There is a totally different eco system on either side and each is equally enjoyabe. Rent a scooter for great adventures on this amazing reef!

"Aquairum is a miracle even to the most skeptical evolutionists" ~ Ahmed Adly 1993



Umm Gammar is named after it's moon shaped land mass. Thus the name The one that looks like the moon or Umm Gammar in Arabic.

This dive treats visitors to caves and amazing land scapes. Ask your dive guide to go here during the Emperor season for a special treat.





Turtle Bay is a vast kingdom of Hard Coral which a diver must work hard for by swimming through a murky lagoon and over a rocky hill :)
The views a diver is treated to are vast and amazing! There is no description to the vastness of the fields of coral.
No wonder it is a favorite ground for Whale Shark visits in season time.

Carless Reef is now an amazing haven for a VAST variety of fish and corals. This dive is a one of Hurghada's secret pearls where many divers have fallen in love with Hurghada and decided to stay and live here!
Carless Reef stand testament to the robust Red Sea marine environment since this amazing place fell victim to the 1999 Crown of Thorns outbreak which saw Carless Reef eaten to the bone leaving the corals bleached and dead.
Now Carless Reef is as good as new after just 15 years of self rehabilitation and is back to it's former glory!

"When nature decided to eat Carless reef alive I was gutted and heart broken. I have not dived there in 14 years and am very happy to have heard reports and seen videos of it's remarkable recovery… I will dive there soon and add a video to this page" ~ Ahmed Adly, 2013

The nature of it's location and undergrown reef, Carless is a dive for good weather and advanced divers!!!