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Whale Shark Mania is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Djibouti!

Just 2 hours away from port is the famous “Ghoubet Al Kharab” inland sea which is a very important Whale Shark Nursery. The Whale Sharks live there during their younger years because it is an excellent enclosure from the dangers of the open sea while at the same time the water is very rich in nutrients. Djibouti is described as the safest place on Earth by all who live there. Djibouti has a near zero crime rate and if you decide to visit the shore, you will be greeted by smiles everywhere you go.
When: When:M.V Liberty will be in Djibouti from December until February

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Djibouti is a paradise like no other.

Djibouti is located at Bab El Mandeb which is the entrance point of the Red Sea and one of the most important and most protected water ways in the world.

Djibouti is a stable country and very safe for travellers. In fact, the government is involved in many efforts to make travellers more welcome, including allowing us to take you on dive adventures in their wonderful waters.

Deep Voayge is proud to to take you where few other dare. Great preperation and dedication has been expended to make this a trip of a life time for all who attend.

Djibouti is famous for it’s amazing annual whale shark sightings as well as great dive sites at The Seven Brothers, Gulf of Tadjoura and Ghoubet Al Kharab where there are year round sightings of dolphins, Manta Rays and even Pilot Whales!

One of the very nice aspects of Djibouti, as in Sudan, is the very short sailing times involved.


Extra costs in Djibouti are:

Entry Visa $90

Travel assistance fees $100

the dive sites


The 7 Brothers Islands AKA “The Sawabi Islands” are one of the highlights of scuba diving trips to Djibouti. Situated in the Bab El-Mandab Strait, just south of the entrance to the Red Sea, these seven uninhabited islands are connected by a massive reef system. 

The Seven Brothers are known for their shallow reefs, drop offs and amazing drift dives.

You will have the opportunity to experience exciting things like Whale Sharks, Manta Rays as well as lovely soft corals and profuse marine life. Another great adventure is the chance to see Pilot Whales on the way!

This uniquie site is where the Whale sharks wait to astound you!

Goubet Al Kharab is an important nursing ground for Whale Sharks because of it's closed bay and rich water which provides both saftey and excellent feeding opportunity for these gentle giants.

Ghoubet Al Kharab also is spotted with un inhabited islands which are great for enclosure from winds.