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Egypt is definitely the worlds best dive destination. Diving in Egypt offers everything from onshore dive sites to distant Islands, shallow reefs to spectacular vertical drop offs, ancient ship wrecks and yet to be discovered treasures. The sheer number of dive sites is mind boggling . Our list of itineraries will provide you with all kinds of dive adventures for you to choose from. Weather you like ship wrecks, reefs, sharks or a pleasant mix of them all; you will find what you need here.

The marine life in Egypt can only be described as glorious. Egypt has been blessed with an amazing eco system which has shown incredible resilience to the effects of coral bleaching. Also in the early 1990’s an NGO was formed to protect the marine environment from common modern plagues such as over fishing and waste dumping. This organisation, called HEPCA was founded by a small group of concerned divers and has grown into an internationally recognised partner in environmental protection which is accredited to installing the world’s largest ever mooring system.
In terms of accessibility Egypt is easy to get to from anywhere in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and even China due to the abundant scheduled and charter flights.
Hint: For pure ship wreck divers try out the northern routes! For shark lovers, have a look see at our itineraries that include Daedelous Reef!
When: When: M.V Liberty is based in Egypt except for December through to Mid May when we are exploring Djibouti and Sudan



This is a one week dedicated Kite Surfing trip which has been developed by Kiters from all over the world over the last 3 years. We are sure you will love it so don't miss out.

The Northern Red Sea is pure magic for kite surfers!
With pristine isolated beaches, shallow water starts and great wind conditions; Kite Surfers just can't get enough.

Also, if wind stops blowing, they can enjoy the underwater wonders and even pay a visit to the dolphins!!! Enjoy stand up paddle boards to explore and play!
There is always a SCUBA instructor on board with equipment available for rental for anyone who might choose to try a dive in the Red Sea's AMAZING coral reefs.

Since environmental protection is one of Deep Voyage's main prerogatives, we help to keep these beaches as pristine as when we arrived. This includes a proper beach clean-up by the guests after each visit.

"Surfing is the answer to everything" ~ Surfer dude...

"As an old school wind surf instructor; I am especially excited to welcome Kiters aboard. I love the wind and I love surfing of all kinds and I would love you to come surfing with me" ~ Ahmed Adly 2013

the dive sites

Gubal Island is a GREAT place for kiters since it offers an excellent beach with offshore winds and zero waves!

Another small beach in the middle of nowhere!!!!

Find your soul here... or maybe your sole mate on these beaches


Right in the heart of Hurghada, this beach is a beautiful, pristine, tourquisoe; kiter's paradise!

     Only the most lucky people get to go here due to restrictions imposed because of it's hyper sensative ecology.

Abu Hashish hosts a great little sandbar that is frequantly used by shore based facilities. We go here in search of wind, but must remember that we are considered as "invaders" by the land lovers :)