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To describe Sudan in a single word it would be: UNTOUCHED
Sudan is the shark paradise for shark lovers. Adventurous divers can experience huge schools of Hammer Head Shark, Silky Shark, Tiger Shark, Grey Reefs, Oceanic White Tip as well as many other pelagic fish. There are no words to express the beauty of the unspoiled coral reefs that bring it all together. Our expertise will make you Sudan Liveaboard a unique experience

Last update: Sunday 23rd May 2019. Almost finished with update! Just a few descriptions and photos. But all major info is updated.

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How to get there: Flights are now available on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays through Fly Dubai (through Dubai) and Badr Airlines (through Cairo)

When: M.V Liberty will be in Sudan from 16th February 2019 onwards until the end of May 2020

Non optional extra costs for Sudan:
Visa: $155 ($205 for US passport) payable upon arrival. It is cheaper to apply for a tourist visa from your local Sudanese Embassy. In either case we will assist you with all visa processing requirements
Tourist Fees: €180 for 1 week visitors or €250 for 10 - 14 day visitors. These fees include your transfers, port fees and governmental fees.



7 day North Sudan is for those divers who feel they need to explore a wider number of reefs to increase their chance to see Sudan’s famous Hammer Head Shark mega schools.

Another reason to take the North trip is that we can do night dives nearly every day! This is not so possible on South tours and almost unheard of in the Deep South.

This itinerary takes you to the Northern most reefs of Sudan and is sure to be the trip of your life time.

The furthest point north is Angerosh which is a mere 8 hours of sailing from Port Sudan. Daily sailing times are very limited on this trip which leaves more time for relaxing, snorkelling and chilling.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: 

Arrive at Port Sudan international Airport (PZU) and transfer by bus to sea port, check in onboard M/Y Liberty cabins and prepare dive gear as we head out to sea right away.

After dive safety briefing, clung in for a check dive by 9am in Shaab Swedy. There should be enough time for a second dive and night dive at Shampire. Shampire is also the perfect place to spend the night.

Day 2:

First 2 dives at Angerosh and may the Shark Gods be on your side!

3rd Dive Merlo Reef and then head back to Shampire for a night dive and anchor to spend the night.

Day 3:

Early morning dive at Abington Reef

2nd and third dive at Gotta Banna and night dive at Goma reef.

We will sail after dinner to Shaab Rumi

Day 4: SHAAB RUMI!!!!

1st and 2nd dive at Rumi South Plateau 

3rd dive on Pre-Continent

Night dive Pre-continent

Day 5:

Early morning Dive at Rumi South Plateau

2nd Dive Sanganeb North

3rd Dive Sanganeb South and sail 1 hour to Wingate reef for night dive

Day 6:

1st and second dive Umbria and head back to port!

Day 7:

All day at port and a chance explore Port Sudan on foot, take optional Day tour or just chill onboard.

Return in early evening to check out of cabins by 8pm and await transfer to airport!

the dive sites

A main stay for any Sudan Liveaboard diving trip Sanganeb National park is a marvel!

Consisting of more than 120 reefs and creating a vast environmental complex that gives life to 1000's of marine species and billions of individual creatures.

The cliffs and gorges, the schools of Sharks flying past and the sheer beauty of the corals will take your breath away.

Sanganeb is a huge atoll with 2 main point for diving, which are the South Plateau and North Plateau.

The South Plateau is a coral garden and wall which is populated by a vast variety of fish and occasional sharks. Another highlight of the Northern plateau is the Lighthouse which is a must visit between dives. 

The Northern Plateau is a very weather specific place to visit and is considered a treat for those lucky enough to go there.

Shaab Rumi may be the single most amazing dive site IN THE WORLD!

just 5 hours sailing from Port Sudan it is one of Cousteau's favorite sites.

Home to the famous and coveted "Pre-Continent 2" that was used to experiment if a group of divers could survive for several weeks under water.

The southern most side is the most well known dive site and resembles a balcony stretching out to the open sea across and amazing plateau and surrounded by the steep walls busting with life.

The Hammerheads, Greys and Barracuda will become your best friends :)

And when we say Greys… we mean 5, 10… probably 20 ;)


Anecdotally named; Angerosh simply means: "The Place where there are Sharks" since there are truly an astounding number of sharks to be seen on this reef's 2 plateaus. 

Angerosh is a superb dive site to be surrounded by sharks for easy photography.

Also be prepared to receive a visit from Angerosh's friendly Mantas and schooling Barakuda.

Angerosh is the main objective for the North Sudan trip due to the high likelihood of Hammer Head Shark encounters.

Built in 1912 and named SS Bahia Bianca in Hamburg for hauling cargo between Europe and Argentina.

SS Bahia Bianca was acquired by the Argentinian government in 1918 to transport coal and agricultural products across the Atlantic until 1934 when she was purchased by the Italian government and renamed Umbria after the name of first of the two large tribes to populate Italy. The Umbri were a large tripe who settled on the Tiber River in 1000BC.

Her last voyage was a secret one. She set sail from Port Said, Egypt on the 6th June 1940 secretly carrying 6000 tons of bombs, 600 cases of detonators and 100 tons of various weapons. She also carried 2000 tons of cements and, to our delight, 3 Fiat 1100 cars! She was allowed to continue on her way due to Italy’s technical neutrality in the war.

On the 9th of June Umbria was forced to anchor at Wingate Reef by 2 British warships; HMS Grimsby and the HMS Leander under pretext of searching for contraband.

It was that same day the Umbria’s captain, Muiesan Lorenzo, heard on the radio that Italy had joined the war with NAZI Germany. The combination of events and news sealed old Umbria’s fate and the captain scuttled her at a depth of 38 meters.

She now lies at Wingate Reef as a relic. Weather or not she is a World War 2 relic is for you to decide!

Wingate Reef is also a great location for night dives and is inhabited by snappers, lobsters, crabs and octopus.

MV Liberty will visit Umbria on all our Sudan Liveaboard trips. So you will not miss out for sure

The twin reefs of shaab Swedy are noted for their vast Table Coral Garden and the famous Blue bell ship wreck. Although the Blue Bell has fallen to the Abyss, she was kind enough to leave us a few cars in range for most divers. It also seems that fish like Toyata cars as well and have populated them nicely.

Shaab Swedy is also a great place for a check dive.

Shampire Reef is an unremarkable place for diving during the day time, but does hold some surprises for night divers!

Shampire is also an excellent place to spend the night and even hide from rare storms.

This lovely place is a unique Terrace Reef with a stunning drop off and is famous for schools of Hammer Head sharks, schools of Jackfish and barracuda.

Merlo Reef is a large plateau with abundant marine life of all colours. A great spot for viewing the Red Sea’s vast variety of fish species. 

As well as, of course, frequent shark encounters.